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Qualities that traditionally associated with leadership are toughness, determination and vision. However, Tyco’s managers believe these are insufficient. Through the interviews with Tyco’s employees, we realized that truly effective leaders are also distinguished by a high degree of innovation, and communication. Tyco’s VP or innovation Robert Locke believes innovation is essential for a company. He says, today’s consumers continuously looking for better goods and services. A good leader need to change with the times and has foresight.

Innovation: Willing to try a totally new approach to selecting, training, and playing hockey. Honesty Brooks doesn’t try to weasel into the job, he speaks his mind politely but frankly and presents his philosophy as honestly as possible. Preparation Clearly Coach Brooks has come to this interview having already invested a great deal of thought into where the hockey program needs to go the best leaders are those who can change with the times. They're the ones with foresight and adaptability, who don't rule from a manual but rather customize a culture that's specific to each company, its mission and the personality of its work force.

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Motivation is the reason for an action. Motivation is your “why,” it’s why you choose to do something. Note: Motivation is different from talent. The world is full of talented people who never reached their potential. Leadership motivation. Leaders have a strong need for power because they want to influence others. However, they tend to have a need for socialized power because their motivation is constrained by a strong sense of altruism and social responsibility. In other words, effective leaders try to gain power so that they (The Dynamics of Leading Organizations and People. McGraw-Hill Create p. 289). <vbk:9781121584938#page(289)>

Drive:Successful leaders have a high need for achievement (see Chapter 5). This drive represents the inner motivation that leaders possess to pursue their goals and encourage others to move forward with theirs. Drive inspires inquisitiveness, an action orientation, and boldness to take the company into uncharted waters.14 (The Dynamics of Leading Organizations and People. McGraw-Hill Create p. 289). <vbk:9781121584938#page(289)>

Enthusiasm(the way communicate, Language) By tossing the table, Coach Brooks showed a flair for the dramatic, a communications technique for getting his team to pay attention. Robert Locke said in interviews:” use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ …” Some leaders are great orators, but speaking well isn’t all that’s required of a leader. As we all know, there are lots of people who talk a great game but deliver nothing. Leaders who communicate well are those who not only share their thoughts with employees, but also let their strength and personal character show through in their communication, and empower those who work for them by defining the company’s goal and showing how to get there.

Focus(Goal) In Coach Brooks’ mind, winning matters. Reaching your potential is a means toward that end, but overall, winning is the goal. He’s focused on winning.

Knowledge of the business (experience>degree): familiar with business environment, aids intuitive decision making

Not Transferable: Would you have taken the same approach that Coach Brooks did? Why or why not?

Suggested Reply: Let’s hope not!

First, Coach Brooks is a highly-experienced leader who knows what he’s doing. You saw that fact acknowledged when the assistant coach’s eyes lit-up and he said, “I’ll clean up.”

Second, Coach Brooks’ extreme actions are offered up in an extreme setting – the Olympics. Middle school students face challenges, no doubt, but middle school games, club meetings, and student councils are not the Olympics.

Third, as young new leaders, one of your main jobs is learning how to...
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