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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Q11 – Describe how a team leader should communicate the team’s purpose and objectives to its members. A team leader should communicate with team members their purpose and objectives for a task using the SMART model. This is an acronym and its meaning is as follows; Specific – targets are to be communicated as simply as possible. Measurable – targets are to be communicated so that they are measurable in terms of success. This helps team members to remain motivated and focused on the task in hand. Attainable – targets are to be communicated so that they are attainable. If a target is impossible, goals will not be achieved and team members may become demotivated and disillusioned. Relevant – if objectives are not relevant to a goal or objective then this is a waste of resources and thus, counterproductive. Time- bound – an objective must be communicated with a time scale attached to it. It is imperative that this is a realistic time scale. So, using the SMART model for communicating purpose and objectives is highly recommended. Q12 – Explain how you as a team leader would communicate these purposes and objectives to team members that promotes understanding. Purposes and objectives must be communicated in a way that every team member understands. This is paramount as if a team is clear on what responsibilities each member has been delegated, people can address the goals and objectives effectively. Team discussions are the most common way of communicating objectives in a way which promotes understanding. Although, it may be a good idea to use flow diagrams. Q13 – Explain how you would work towards agreeing with the team objectives that are SMART. I would split the task into parts and hand responsibility for these parts to individual members of the team. I would also communicate a deadline within each of the constituent parts. Also, it would be a good idea to set up methods of how to report back progress to the rest of the team and the team leader. Q14 –...
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