Team Failures

Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Why Teams Fail
Teams fail for a number of reasons, including poor planning for the implementation of teams and a lack of training. Research by The Ken Blanchard Companies® has identified the top 10 reasons for a team failing to reach its potential. 1. Lack of a sufficient charter

2. Unsure of what requires team effort
3. Lack of mutual accountability
4. Lack of resources
5. Lack of effective and/or shared leadership
6. Lack of planning
7. Lack of management support
8. Inability to deal with conflict
9. Lack of focus on creativity and excellence
10. Lack of training
How do you avoid these pitfalls?

Here are seven key characteristics (represented by the acronym PERFORM) to look for in the teams you are a part of: • Purpose and values. A high performing team shares a strong sense of purpose and a common set of values. They have a compelling vision. • Empowerment. Members of a high performing team have authority to act and make decisions and choices with clear boundaries. They have the autonomy, opportunity, and ability to experience their personal and collective power. • Relationships and communication. A high performing team is committed to open communication. People feel they can take risks and share their thoughts, opinions, and feelings without fear. • Flexibility. High performing team members are interdependent and realize that all are responsible for team performance, development, and leadership. Members recognize the inevitability of change and adapt to changing conditions. • Optimal productivity. High performing teams generate optimal productivity, reflected in the amount and quality of the work they accomplish. There is a commitment to high standards and quality. Team members hold each other accountable and strive for continual improvement. • Recognition and appreciation. A high performing team experiences continual positive feedback and recognition on the part of team members, the team leader, and the organization. Recognition...
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