Team Effectiveness

Topics: Communication, Collaborative software, Virtual team Pages: 4 (1311 words) Published: December 5, 2009
Introduction Effective communication plays a vital role in co-located and virtual teams.The networks of communication and interpersonal relationships that develop naturally within an organization form channels for the flow of organizational knowledge and can also promote organizational learning ad team building. Formal and informal social networks are significant mechanisms for both innovation and change management. Social networking concepts combined with a group of new and powerful interactive technologies, known collectively as peer-to-peer (P2P) computing, have the potential to profoundly change how companies work and deliver value. More and more social media experts are likely to take over or overturn many organizational practices in time. Social media tie into organizational and corporate teams it’s the interaction with each other that social media provides. The interaction can be over the phone, on the web, via text chat, which are the traditional methods currently being used. It can also be over blogs, forums, or even Twitter, if you’d like. Considerations of time, place, richness, task, and adoption are important in selecting an appropriate collaboration tool, different methods will be discussed. Discussion

There are many forms of collaboration tools out there for use among corporate teams and for informal information sharing.

Face to face meetings are the best way for teams to get together, share ideas, knowledge and project status. Dispersed teams pack up...
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