Team Effectiveness

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Write a report on steps you would take to develop a competent team. Introduction
The fact that I have been hired as Team Leader of Distribution and Warehousing – frontline management position is proof that I have already demonstrated a certain measure of success. I have the job I now hold because I have demonstrated by performance, training or a combination of both that I am capable of successful leadership. All leaders and managers at every level fill positions with a common requirement – they work with and through people to accomplish desired results. The responsibilities of any manager at any level generally fall into four areas * Planning

* Organising
* Leading
* Monitoring organisation resources
So overall the goals of any leader contain basic similarities. Effective leaders impart vision, set direction and clarify expectations with their team members. Effective leaders manage the work environment rather than the daily routine. Effective leaders create an environment in which high performance and maximum results can be achieved. They make decisions, delegate authority and develop others by creating a sense of shared responsibility and empowerment. Keeping this in mind I must now go about my first and most important task for this new position and bring together and develop this newly formed team. I have produced the following ACTION PLAN to address issues and achieve the desired goals as Team Leader.

Aim : | Develop skills and create a High Performance team to meet company required outputs.| Problems identified : | * Poor communication between team members * Levels of cooperation are falling * Communication with other teams needs improving * No leadership * Prioritisation of tasks appears to occur on an ad hoc basis| ACTION| DESIRED OUTCOMES| SUGGESTED PROCESSES / NOTES| TIMEFRAME| Take on Leadership Role| Establish myself as an effective Role Model as Team Leader.| Immediately commence weekly team meetings.Lead by exampleSeek input Implement processes so staff can raise concerns.Monitor / provide feedback| Ongoing| Clearly define roles / responsibilitiesOutline processes to encourage feedback and input from Team members| Identify staff skills and or Training and Development needs.Staff have clear understanding of Corporate vision,Roles and Responsibilities Processes available to provide feedback / input| Skills mappingOne on One meetings with staffSuggestion boxesOpen door policyToolbox talksWhiteboard in lunchroom| ImmediatelyOne on one meetings to commence within the week.| Improve Co-operation| Increase co-operation with in the team| Team building – day external workshopTeam meetingsFriday afternoon staff warehouse drinks Give praise reward the team as a whole as well as individual performance| Within the monthImmediatelyImmediately| Improve Communication| Effective communication | Create trust willingness to talk ListenEnsure understandingThese should improve as the team goes through its development stages.| Immediately|

The Action Plan above gives an overview of my plan of action. This could then be broken down into smaller goals but is further discussed in the following report : In this scenario the relationship between those for who I am responsible is a relatively new one. (This is known as the forming stage). It is important to understand that the team must be continuously developed. It is never standing still it is either moving forward or shifting backward. The ability as a leader to clearly understand where you are in the development of your team is critical to teams growth and improved performance. The acronym ADAPT – offers a helpful map for recognising the stages of team development. A – Association : The Forming Stage

D- Dissatisfaction: The Norming Stage
A-Adjustment : The Storming Stage
P-Production : The Performing Stage
T-Trust : Also the Performing Stage

As the team moves from one stage to the...
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