Team Dynamics: Conflict Prevention Strategies

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Team Dynamics: Conflict Prevention Strategies
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Team Dynamics Conflict Prevention Strategies
"Team" as defined by DeJanasz, Dowd and Schneider (2001) "[I]s a formal work group consisting of people who work together intensely to achieve a common group goal" (p. 310). With the guidance and counseling of over 500 wealthy Americans in the development of his theory of success, Hill (1934) states that one of the most powerful tools in modern day man's arsenal is the collaboration of minds for a common goal. To reiterate the two heads are better than one declaration, Hill goes on to make this comparison, "A group of brains coordinated (or connected)…, will provide more thought-energy than a single brain, just as a group of electric batteries will provide more energy than a single battery" (p. 178). It's no wonder why many organizations are using teams for creative problem solving and day-to-day task completion. Teaming is a requirement for most quality management systems and case studies document many of the successes. Collaboration is favorable but whenever groups of two or more people assemble, conflict will arise. Not all will be counterproductive because part of the team process is introducing different points of view (conflicts of opinion) to achieve a solution or proliferate an idea. Although many schools of thought exist when it comes to resolving counterproductive conflicts within teams, most are avoidable if the proper steps are flowed in the beginning of the team's formation and throughout the group activity.

Success Traits
Nine traits present in most teams that perform highly are unified goals, defined roles, open communication, leadership, efficient size, strong skills, trust, accountability and a reward system (DeJanasz, Dowd and Schneider, 2001, p. 317). Before any team's deployment, the person responsible for assembly needs to have mechanisms in place and select individuals...
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