Team Dynamics and Communication

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Team Dynamics and Communication

By | July 2008
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Team Dynamics and Communication
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Team Dynamics and Communication
Communicating is a constant state of being. People communicate from the moment they are born to the time they die. There is absolutely no way to avoid communication in life. At birth, people are taught the rules of communication by their parents, and those around them. People learn to communicate from others around them, and thus, learn to either communicate effectively or communicate ineffectively. Communication is also improved with access to education and being introduced to teams outside of the home. Forming teams and communicating is important in every area of a person’s life. Understanding how to communicate effectively is something that is learned and not passed down from generation to generation. Communicating within a team is the most difficult discipline to learn, steps can be taken to help leaders and team members become better communicators when being assigned to a team. Over the past 30 years team dynamics have changed for many different reasons. The biggest change has been in technology and the growth of corporations; in teams it is becoming increasing important to understand the dynamics of communication and how it can affect the success of groups. Understanding how to communicate regardless of distance or location is also extremely important. Teams can now meet without being in the same geographic location. Communication within a group is probably the most important aspect of working in a team. The ability to get a point across without offending, confusing or misrepresenting an idea is critical. Furthermore, understanding how to communicate in different situations is important in groups considering differences in race, gender, religion and background (Miller, L). In order to create an optimal environment for success, good communication is the key. The first key to effective communication within a group is first deciding how the...

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