Team Diversity Paper

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People and their differences compose the basis of an organization's aptitude to develop broad viewpoints and to approach business tribulations in new and innovative ways. Each team member will bring to the project a unique set of skills and expertise. The dynamics and effectiveness of the team will be impacted by various factors. Some of these factors are but are not limited to, value and attitude differences, occupation, demographics, and differences in skills and abilities. Understanding the qualitative nature of a team’s response to these factors, will shed some light on how complex teams operating in a complex business environment actually function, and can lead to the outright success or failure of a team’s effort. Value and Attitude Differences

Our team is composed of four males. Robert Tompkins lives in Louisville, KY, single, age unknown and a Restaurant Manager. Fabian Gonzalez lives in Miami, FL, single, is 33, Project Manager, and a former Marine. James Lax lives in Fayetteville, NC, married, three children and is 35, Assistant Sales Manager at a retail furniture store, and former Army. Mark Wallace lives in Cary, NC, married, two children and is 43, IT Manager, and a former Marine. All four team members have a high school diploma. One-hundred percent of the team has a college degree. The lack of any of the team members not having a degree might put them at a disadvantage when competing against teams with a higher level of formal education. From a positive perspective, the skills developed by the team members with prior work and military experience should provide the tools to remain competitive.

One half of the team is single and the other half is married. One-hundred percent of the team members who are married have children. With the other half of the team having family, one of the key values and attitude would be for a balance between work and home. Twenty-five percent of the team was born outside of the U.S....
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