Team Diversity

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Team Diversity
Team C
Kauffman, and Tory Edwards
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September 16, 2012
Monty Spencer

Team Diversity
Multiplicity plays a role in every type of environment. A diverse environment allows individuals to grow and adapt to the differences we each possess. Without diversity people would not have the opportunity to grow and experience change through understanding different types of people. Ethnicity

Learning teams are measured by performance whether business or educationally based on premise. Heterogeneity is the salient factor that comprises the ethnicity within a learning team. The benefits for performance of learning teams is ethnic diversity, which offers a host of knowledge and skills that make a more balanced variety insight that coincides to the project at hand (Hoogendoorn & Praag, 2012). The negative aspects of any team are problem resolution within the team itself to form a communal decision when facing conflict. Ethnic diversity has become very relevant and increasing in global business markets, and multinational corporations use a variety of teams to cover geographic locations to compete for business (Hoogendoorn & Praag, 2012). The optimal degree of performance results in the trade- off between the attributes of benefits involving more diverse teams, helping to lower the rising costs of communications. Typically to measure a team’s performance may not be evident on a short-term analysis but will be more measurable over time as members hone and define their skills within the team unit. The consequences and results of ethnically diverse team will come from communication, coordination, complementarities, of learning as a unit. The relationship between communication costs and ethnic diversity teams needs to be evaluated for optimum performance. The popular trend in learning teams for multi-national corporations is employing bilingual speaking employee`s for communications on a global stage, reducing costs, and increasing productivity (Hoogendoorn & Praag, 2012). This may not always be achievable on a geographical level but is favored by employers. In some educational and business settings, ethnic subgroups are formed for compatibility, comfort ability, and skill level that offer greater benefits for team productivity. In essence a team`s strengths and weaknesses are measured by cooperation, and the coordination between different ethnic opinions and compatibility. Age

Most people think age diversity in a team can be a challenge but often it is a valuable attribute to have. The differences in ages within a team mean thinking out of the box concerning personal opinions. Years of experience from older generations brings about more traditional thinking and a strong sense of structural thinking with tried and true methods, and a younger person may tap into a fresh way of thinking, and have ideas that may be outside the box (Salme, 2009). There are folks between these two drastically different generations who can work both sides and come up with a happy medium. To obtain a good rounded working team one must have these different experiences to draw ideas and clues for the next step. The aspect that may become a challenge is, understanding that sometimes an older person may be answering to a younger person. The older person may not like his or her ideas challenged by a younger person and the younger person may think they are not getting the respect from the older person (Salme, 2009). The challenges lay on whether people are open to working together toward a common goal or a company mission. Anybody can work with anybody if he or she has to. Geographical Differences

Around the world people encounter many types of environments that depict how teamwork and dependability will run and maintain in certain types of professions such as law enforcement. Just in the United States alone officers encounter areas of big cities of both poor and rich overcrowding populations, areas of high gang and corruption,...
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