Team Development

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The workforce in many parts of the world continues to comprise a multitude of diverse nationalities. Increasingly, organisations within the regions are relying on teams and teamworking in pursuit of performance improvement, while at the same time educational institutions are making increasing use of teamwork as a means for delivering education and learning. It is important, therefore, to understand the differing patterns of teamworking skills developed by workers from diverse backgrounds, as these will have a significant impact on workplace behaviour.


The assignment describes the results of extensive research concerning Team Development in modern management environment using academic resources and primary research reflected by application of the theory to author's studying team consisting of five internationals members meeting once a week for continuous assessment assignments introduced by lecturer & consultant in Human Resource Management. The team consists of one Chairperson with overall goal of preparing a report for the C.E.O/M.D./Board/Dept.Secretary/Human Resources Manager,outlining how the management team should proceed in the negotiations as per opening positions in a hotel employing 200 workers.


In the report,author will discuss the following objectives on the importance of team development in modern management environment: Why is team building an essential component in modern management structure-environment Support the opinion based on research

Methodology and Presentation

Defines terms and concepts of the report and theory in the areas covered in research.



Different authors prescribe many anecdotal recipes for creating successful teams, and almost as many suggest similar “what-not-to-dos” .Survey conducted with almost 4,500 teams in more than 500 organisations by Wilson Learning Corporation in the United States summarises a list of organisational barriers to team performance. These barriers occur because: Most rewards and compensation systems focus on individual, and not team, performance. Most performance appraisal systems do not even consider team issues. Information is often not readily available and teams spend valuable time searching for the necessary information. Senior managers fail to support team endeavours fully. Senior managers fear that staff are not able to handle team management responsibilities. Many organisational structures foster internal competition, thereby limiting team effectiveness. Team building is also an essential component in the more recent concept of “self-managing” or “self-directing” teams, a good example for the use of teams are health-care institutions. Team-oriented management exploits the traditional autonomous characteristics of medically trained professionals’ training and the normal environment of their work. General goals of team-building activities are as follows: to improve the work group’s efficiency, effectiveness and health, in order to help the organisation accomplish its mission. Specific goals within this are to: build trust among individuals and groups throughout the organisation, up and down the hierarchy; create an open, problem-solving climate where problems are confronted and differences are clarified, both within groups and between groups, in contrast to ignoring problems; locate decision-making and problem-solving responsibilities as close to the relevant information resources as possible, rather than at a particular level of the hierarchy; increase the sense of ownership of organisational goals and objectives throughout the organisation; move towards more collaboration between interdependent persons and interdependent groups within the organisation; increase awareness of group process and its consequences for performance, i.e. to help people become aware of what is happening among group members while the group is working on a...
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