Team Decision Making

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Team Decision Making For At-Risk Families

Team decision making in regards to at risk-families involves supportive individuals who collaborate together to making decisions that will affect a child in the protection of the social welfare system placement. Batterson, et al, (Batterson,, 2007, p.5) states, “Team decision making utilizes the strength based resources of the family, extended family, and community in making decisions of placement for at-risk children who are in the care of child welfare.” This approach is important because it allows for individuals to come together to discuss and collaborate on placement solution in placing a child. In collaboration with the social worker those involved with team decision making are able to provide valuable information, resources and placement solutions that child welfare alone could not provide.

Values and Beliefs of Team Decision Making

The underlying values and beliefs of team decision making below are as stated by Edward & Sagatun-Edward (Edward, J.L & Sagatun-Edward I, 2007, p. 4) according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation are:

▪ Families have strengths and can change - families have the tools and resources that are needed in making decisions that can effect change. ▪ We must set up opportunities for families to show their strengths –families must be provided with opportunities to demonstrate their strengths in making decisions ▪ A group can usually be more effective in making good decisions than an individual – when a group collaborate there is an influx of ideas and solutions rather than one person trying to figure out a solution. ▪ Families are experts about themselves – families know the inner working of the family dynamics and can relate to others about what is going on than someone else. They know the beliefs and values that are with their unique family structure. ▪ When families are included in the decision making, they are capable of identifying their own needs...
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