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Team Contract:  Team Name__
Definition of group and objectives.
Team    __ shall be comprised of and organized by _______________________________. It will be the aim of said team to successfully complete CS 1 with the maximum of grade performance and to ensure the understanding of all tenets, facts, and errata connected with the study of the CS 1 curriculum for all group members. Each team member will be assigned specific roles (Manager, Recorder, Skeptic) and the roles will rotate during the course.To this end, the following terms and conditions will be obeyed. Terms and Conditions.

1. I agree to come to class on a regular basis. In the result that I am unable to attend class, I will make it my personal responsibility to get any and all notes from my team.        2. Under any and all circumstances, I will get what (team) work I am allotted to do, done and turned in on time.         3. If I am sick and unable to make it to class on the date a team assignment is due, I will contact my team members to make other arrangements to get my work turned in on time. Should an emergency arise that prevents me from attending a team meeting, I will notify my fellow team members immediately. 4. The team will schedule weekly meetings. The time and place of team meetings shall be agreed upon unanimously within our team. 5. I will be in attendance and prompt for each and every team meeting. 6. I will do my share of the team work, there will never be an occasion where one team member does all of the work nor will there be a time when a member does none of the work. 7. Each member will agree on the answer for each team problem before it is turned in. When agreement is not automatic, each member shall explain how they arrived at their particular solution until a correct solution is clear. If no agreement can be reached, a vote will be taken on which result to submit.     8. I will do everything in my capabilities to help my fellow team members...
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