Team Conflict

Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Team Conflict
As a student, I like to work in a team because it gives me great opportunities to meet with new students from different fields. Not only that, I learn a lot from each team experience. For example, I have improved my social skills by working in teams. I have changed from “shy” to more assertive. Now, I have no problem with communicating with others, and I feel more comfortable when share my opinions. However, my team experiences are not always good. I had a bad team experience which became a burden that I had to bear throughout the course. The team consisted of four students and was assigned by the professor. I was the only full time students in the team, whereas all three of the team members worked full time. It was difficult for us to come out with one schedule that would fit everyone. Thus, I was often the first one who showed up on time, and had to wait for everyone to come in order to start the meeting. Another problem that bothered me was that three of them often spoke their own language during the group discussion, because they were from the same country. On top of that, they did not do what they were supposed to do before coming to the meeting. Instead, they were using the time during the meeting to finish their works. It was the most frustrated part, because they were not contributing fair shares. Although I was frustrated, I could not complain about it. They kept telling me that they had busy schedules. I was afraid that if I demanded too much, they would not feel comfortable to work with me. Therefore, I tried to use different ways to deal with the problems. First, I decided to be the first one to start the conversation in the meeting. It was useful because they would respond to me in English. Second, before the meeting, I texted everyone to confirm the time and date we were meeting, which encouraged them to show up on time. When the deadline was almost reached, two of the team members felt anxious about our project progress. They...
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