Team Charter

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Team Member Skill Inventory

(Areas individual members can contribute/want to develop)

Kathy is good at research, organization, Powerpoint, and time management. She has access to Windows systems and Powerpoint. Hillari wants to contribute her timliness and challenge herself this time by putting together the Powerpoint presentation for our team in this class. She has extensive computer experience and access to many computers for the project. Travis is very task oriented and efficient, and will contribute his opinions and help freely and will be very dependable. He is very good at Word Perfect, Excel, and Powerpoint. Patrick will contribute his skill as a leader by being our Team Leader, organizing us, keeping us on track, leading meetings, and helping all of us contribute. He will help to do any specific research we may need as a team. Ryan will act as our team scribe, take notes at meetings, and communicate those notes via the team newsgroup and via email. He likes to help and try new ways of doing things. His Internet research systems and his ability to build computers may come in handy to our team. Shane will contribute via his writing skills and his determination, and has access to a computer and software to match those required by the school. Tyler has a variety of skills in many areas and can create audio presentations, video, websites, wiki sites, PowerPoint presentations, or whatever other technological skills may be necessary in completing any of our assignments. He will serve as our technology assistant and contribute to our written work.

Learning Team Goals
(May include project assignment goals, group process goals, quality level goals, etc.)

1. Every Team Member in our team receives an A on all of our Team projects/worksheets. 2. Our group work will be a wonderful collaboration of all of our collective points of view and personalities and we fully expect to attain our goal of no less than 95% of possible points on our Team work. 3. Every Team member will do their share and take responsibility for what they have agreed to do. 4. Every Team member will attend our Team meetings. In the event that this is not possible, a team member will give at least 24 hours notice to our team leader, Patrick, and arrange to receive assignments from the Team offline, online, by email, or by phone.

What are potential barriers to the achievement of these goals? The barriers we may have in accomplishing what we design to accomplish are the following: Communication barriers – due to the nature of our FlexNet class, we do not always all communicate online at the same time. We also experience different communication styles, written or oral, which may inhibit our being able to understand each other clearly, or having our ideas and thoughts expressed at all. The asynchronous nature of our communication may make it difficult to schedule face-to-face meetings as well. Scheduling – all of us, all of our Team, have lives and families and work which need our attention. All of us would describe our lives as “full.” Given that our lives are full, we may experience difficulty scheduling our meetings and our assignments. Our strategy for overcoming this will be to set “by when” times clearly before each assignment, and give a little extra time in each “by when” for those who may need a little extra time. Geographic barriers – All of us live in different areas. Some of us may have to drive farther than others, but we are all in agreement that we will utilize the University of Phoenix campus as our meeting ground and that the facility will provide us with the things we may need to succeed as a Team.

Ground Rules
Meeting schedule, locations, attendance expectations, agenda, assignment completion, communication methods, etc.

We have agreed to meet in person three times. For those that cannot be there, they will participate via speakerphone, instant messenger, or after the fact via email/newsgroup. We also have agreed to keep in...
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