Team Building Exercise for Conflict Resolution

Topics: Management, Goal, Dispute resolution Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Team Building Exercise for Conflict Resolution
Organizational Behavior
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Team Building Exercise for Conflict Resolution
Within the world’s largest oil and gas metal tubular manufacturing facility, metrics were maintained in all aspects of the business to include; production, safety, quality, logistics, budget, etc. Historically, the 200 acre facility, with 30 or so departments, 40 buildings and an average 800 plus employees prided itself on its production capability as well as meeting customer demands for a quality product with on-time deliveries. Within a few years the growing pressure to improve the safety statistics moved it to the number one priority with no less demand for production efficiencies and demand on employee performance to do more with less. As a result, there was an increased demand on each and every employee to adopt new policies, procedures, practices, and workload. This in turn caused poor employee morale, less internal customer satisfaction and poor metrics across the board. After several quarters of poor performance, quality assurance issues, poor audit results, numerous serious safety incidents, and a threat of losing major clients the investigation findings were clear. Poor communication with internal and external customers, conflict within and between departments, and the pressures to perform without meeting desired targets and objectives were contributing causes. The root cause(s) came down to lack of effective teamwork, employee mentoring and supervisory support for almost all departments. As a result building effective teams and changing the culture to place employees first and everything else second was established as a corrective action. The management team was tasked with developing an action plan that would address the findings and implement a system of controls to help keep the organization on track. The establishment of workplace teams, developing the skills and competencies for...
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