Team Building

Topics: Teamwork, Team building, Employment Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Employees and Team building
Sean Coleman
Florida Technical College

I have worked in different experiences. I was an Electronics engineer in the Navy for nine years. I was use to great team work and over achievement of employees and team member I worked with everyday. If everyone didn’t work as a team in my military job we would all die and or be seriously hurt. When I then was placed into the day to day work force of a normal civilian life it was a big difference. There is very little team base in our civilian jobs. It is just like people just don’t care about working together or helping one another with the job at hand. In the military a member of your team fell or needs help you reach out your hand to help without even thinking about it. In a civilian job you fall and you’re lucky if they even look at you and say are you ok.

My experience in a civilian job that was a major issue to me was no one knew how to work as a team and help one another to get a job done. They didn’t understand that if the work was completed as a team it in the long run helped everyone do better. The lifestyle I was use to in the military is defiantly not what was done in the real world.

When team work is successfully demonstrated in a work place we have discovered it helps accomplish much more. When the group works as a team they can accomplish so much more. This is becoming more and more popular in the work place. Studies have proven this. I’m pretty sure you have heard the saying “there is no I in team.” This is a saying that is put together to help boost the involvement of other to become a team, it is also a saying we have in the military as well. Teamwork is a group of people who are coming together to complete the same task as a whole. Sometimes it is very difficult in jobs for this to happen because there may be bigger promotions for people to meet a certain goal and may get a person productivity goal accomplished. This causes employees to have trouble wanting to help...
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