Team Building

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Graduate School
Cagayan de Oro City

(MGT 302)
2012 - 2013


Teams are known be a vital part of a firm and its operations. Teams are chosen through determining personnel who have good behaviour. The members of the team or a group were chosen in terms of their drive to succeed and the kind of relationship they had with the team leader and other members of the team. The members of a team or a group are chosen because they have a trait, characteristic or specialty that will contribute to the success of a team. The members of the group or a team must make sure that they can communicate well with each other for them to achieve their goals. Communication is vital for a team’s success in every endeavour. Each member of a group or a team should ask first before doing something that will change the outcome of any activity.  A successful group or team requires that members of the group were free to discuss any issues they have with the leader or other members of the team. A successful team needs to have the best leader. The leader will guide the team to achievement of its goals. The leader will make sure that conflicts or problems in a team will be solved.  Teams are not perfect they face internal and external problems.

Statement of the Problem
Teamwork Collaboration and Understanding among TOPS employees affect the daily sale. This paper aims to increase Productivity and Morale of the TOPS employees. And the effective way to organize a team building method. The paper would provide description on the following questions: 1- How to improve teamwork thru APR?

2- How create a “One Solid Family” and “Self Leaner” and Proactive individuals as a team? 3- What are the effective activities to sustain the Teamwork Collaboration?

Review on Related Literature
Many consultants who do team building seem to favor a  theory of group development based on the activities as they would appear in a therapy or sensitivity training group where the leader takes a very passive role and initially the task is not clearly defined for the group members. In addition the members of these types of groups usually come from different organizations and often have not met before. If the consultant is doing team building in a workshop where the participants do come from different organizations and the consultant is using an experiential group approach, then these theories may be appropriate at the time. However, they would not provide the best fit with the activity that could be expected when the participant returns to his or her organization and once more takes part in an intact team whose members have functionally related skills and specialized roles (Baltazar & Mealiea 2005). A typical team-building workshop takes place at some off-site location for three or four days. The expense of bringing the team together can make a two-day program too costly and after about four days the manager and the team members are eager to go back to work (Lantz 2007). Some organizations bring along their own set of computers so that executives can keep in touch with their back-home situation through electronic mail as well as by phone. However, too much time out to deal with back-home problems can seriously reduce the effectiveness of the exercise (Pernick 2001). Team building interventions come in the form of workshops to make a team familiar with each other. Workshops tend to loosen the tension between the members of the team; it helps each member to know each other and helps each member know the specialty of the others. Workshops should be free from any interruption so that its goals will be met.

About the Program
This proposed “tailor-made” Training Program is encompassed to give an impact to the participant, workplace and the organization. The program will cover the most significant topics such as Self Leadership...
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