Team Building

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01. If you are appointed as a leader for a team, what arguments you will provide in favor of your team approach? How would you build up your team? How would you use your leadership style in building your team?

Introduction: A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, goals and approach which they hold themselves mutually accountable. Ideally, they develop a distinct identity and work together in a co-ordinated and mutually supportive way to fulfill their goal or purpose.

Arguments in favor of Team approach: The main value of teams is their ability to assemble and empower employees to use their talents to improve the organization. Shared goals are most likely to be achieved through working together and pooling experience and expertise. In more fully participating in decisions and planning how work will be performed, team member contribution and, for most, job satisfactions are increased. If I appointed as a team leader I would like to work in team approach. There are some arguments in favor of my team approach.

Why team? Because it improves
Satisfaction and Development
The benefits of teamwork are obvious to any team leader. Work gets done faster, employees are easier to manage and where safety matters, everyone is usually safer. However, the benefits of teamwork for the employees are often more abstract and difficult to distinguish. This doesn't make them any less important or meaningful, however.

Sense of Ownership: By encouraging team approach/work, placing employees in a position where their place in the organization, as a part of the whole, is reinforced and highlighted. Feeling like a valued member of the team helps the employee feel more ingrained in the organization and this sense of personal investment encourages a sense of ownership of their work for the organization.

Clear Agreements on Objectives and Roles: The team members have participated in the formulation of objectives. They know and support the objectives of their unit. Objectives for each individual team member and the ways to achieve them have been agreed upon. Roles functions and competence are known and followed.

Increased Learning: Working with a team exposes employees to the methods and work ethic of potentially more experienced employees, which can help the employees learn more about their jobs in a faster manner than simply trying to teach them. Getting on the job experience with their more efficient coworkers can not only help an employee learn their job, but it also provides a since of motivation and establishes expectations.

Increases Synergy: Working as a team increases the efficiency of departments exponentially. As each team member learns their role in the organization structure and how their role affects the work of the rest of their team, they will begin to understand how their work can speed up and ease the workload of their peers. This will help instill a communal sense of responsibility and help the department flow and work better as a whole.

Unity: One of the most valuable benefits of teamwork is the sense of unity that accompanies a positive work environment. By fostering this sense of unity, we also promote a sense of “all for one and one for all,” which is good for the whole organizaion.

Openness and Transparency: Ideas, opinions and wishes are discussed openly and without fear reprisal and sanctions. The works is satisfactory because own ideas can be realized and personal needs satisfied. Achievements are honored by the superiors and colleagues. The team members are proud of the achievements of their group.

Support and Trust: Mutual support can only develop in an atmosphere of trust and openness. The team members can be sure their strength are recognized, their deficiencies and mistakes are understood and their values are tolerated. The feeling of achievement of reaching common goals is...
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