Team Approach in Recruitment, Selection, Orientation and Training

Topics: Organization, Employment, The A-Team Pages: 4 (970 words) Published: February 27, 2011
Team Approach
Sandra Spicuzza Chess
Indiana Wesleyan University
Sandra Spicuzza Chess
Dr. Calvin Padgett
Human Resources Management
February 22, 2011

Team Approach in the Process of Recruitment, Selection, Orientation, and Training
I believe that a team is a collection of individuals organized to accomplish a common purpose, who are interdependent, and who can be identified by themselves and observers as a team. Our teams will exist within the larger organization and interact with other teams and with the organization. The teams will be one way for our organization to gather input from members, and to provide organization members with a sense of involvement in the pursuit of organizational goals. Further, by using the team approach it will allow our organization flexibility in assigning members to projects and allow for cross-functional groups to be formed.

The use of a team approach in the process of recruitment, selection, orientation, and training is an excellent idea and should be implemented within our company for the following reasons. Recruitment

Using the team approach will encourage positive public relations and improve employees' perceptions of their relationship with the company. An existing employee adds value to an employee recruiting campaign for several reasons. * Because employees have an operational understanding of the various roles and responsibilities of the business, they will be more likely to introduce candidates who match position requirements. * Increasing candidate selection will reduce reliance on external agency services and save time and money. * Employees will feel valued when a personally recommended candidate is considered. * Positive public relations will manifest naturally when employees know that they can benefit from attracting others to the business. * Participation will foster a spirit of contribution to the big picture. Selection

Inviting employees to participate in the interview...
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