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Managing a Global Team-Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc | Case Analysis|
Long Cui| Hawaii Pacific UniversityDr. Kenneth Gerard RossiApril 30, 2013|


Brief Summary
Greg James, a global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc., led a customer implementation team of 45 members spread across India, France, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the United States (US). It was the second time that the team failed to respond to the HS Holding’s customer system outage as quickly as it was said in the service contract. The system breakdown directly brought a great loss for the company doing online banking business. To investigate this accident clearly and find a resolution to the more commonly happening customer situation, James embarked on a trip to meet his team members in the foreign countries. After the journey, James found deeper, more complex, interpersonal issues in his team. To solve the existing problems with his management of this global team, James had to find a solution to engage every team member and manage different voices much better.

Issues Analysis
Issue with HS Holdings
The customer system of HS Holding was down for two hours without any immediate help from Sun Microsystems, Inc. It was the second time for James’ team to fail to respond to the system outage of the HS Holding as quickly as it was required in the service contract. Because of the breakdown, HS Holding suffered a large revenue loss and ruined relationships with clients, so it requested Sun Microsystems to return the contract money and threatened a lawsuit. To trace the source of the breakdown, James visited his teams in four countries personally.

Evaluation of James’ Performance
James was very capable of managing a local team and received rave reviews from customers. Only 5 years after joining Sun Microsystem, James won the Sun Outstanding Management Award. To expand the...
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