Topics: Jamaica, Usain Bolt, Man Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: February 2, 2013
JAMAICAN men ARE SEXYMOST DEFINITELY SUPPORT THAT FAC THAT JAMICAN MEN ARE SEXY. JAMAICAN MEN ARE MOST ADMIRED THOUGHOUT THE WORLD FOR THEIR talented confidence, passion of FASHON AND sexy low toned accent that has heads turning when they open their mouths. Jamaican men clearly stand out, because of their many great qualities and talents. Jamaican men are very passionate about their various interests. Although passion is an individual trait, Culture plays an important role in certain behavior. Jamaican men are sexy with talents of Confidence and This is the number one quality that makes a man sexy at any age is self-confidence. Jamaican men have confidence in them self because they are free to do and say whatever they want. If he is happy with who he has become, he feels much sexier. Jamaican male sprinters have dominated the world with confidents. Then rankings in the top short sprints for 2012. According to Track and Field News rankings, a well-respected track and field magazine recently released its 2012 men rankings of dominant Jamaica's male sprinters. Usain Bolt became the first Jamaican male to win both short-sprint titles at the Beijing Olympics. Along with His teammate, Yohan Blake who ranks second Blake the 2011 World 100-metre champion copped double silver in London. FASHONJamaican men now are very fashionable, according to THE GLEAENER In 2012 Jamaican men have been seeing in many suits that are slim-fitting (boyishly slim fit).So now they emphasize Skinny and slim fit clothing. They ensure that it is not overly skinny or boxy - but instead, think of a suit cut that would appeal to a military officer, one that exudes a sense of masculinity through three key silhouette elements: broad shoulders, slim waist and slim trousers.Jamaican men come out of their bubble and explore their trendier side. The truth is it takes a Jamaican man with confidence to wear suits that are slim-fitting, colored jackets, or even colored pants...
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