Teaching Two Kinds of Thinking

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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I agree with Elbow's philosophy on thinking and writing in his publication of Teaching Two Kinds of Thinking. I believe that it is essential to both have first-order thinking and second-order thinking. They both have strengths and flaws that seem to cover each other's weaknesses. I think that his agenda on thinking and writing are acceptable because from what he is implying, they are both quite important for a good balanced essay.

First-order thinking is very much needed because it helps reader s express their thoughts without being trampled on by prejudices and external pressures. In first-order, people's thoughts are creative, bright, and explicit. It is the birth place of imaginations and putting clear images into words. Whenever I try writing an essay or term paper, I try to express myself in many ways so that I can get all the content out of my brain. It makes it easier for me to put it down on paper or type it on computer that way. However, there are flaws. Sometimes we can get sidetracked. Better known as bunny trails, humans can get easily distracted and immediately get off topic. Another problem is that the facts must be kept pure. They can not be tampered by bias or prejudices. These reasons are why we must not solely rely on first-order thinking and place it in one basket. This being said, second-order is what straightens up the ideas in first-order thinking.

The flaws from the first-order are luckily made up by the second-order thinking process. This is made up of structuring, organizing, and outlining the jumbled up content. This is a great way to put together you information because now you can entirely focus on the materials given to you without being bothered. After I do some research for an essay on a certain subject, I tend to direct my attention to making an outline first, then writing the essay. Outlines are like maps, they help you reach your destination, which is finishing your essay with message left out to the readers. Second-order...
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