Teaching Students to Get Along

Topics: Teacher, Learning, Education Pages: 7 (1152 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Three strategies or concepts I learned in this course that will be most

helpful to me in my current teaching situation are teaching prosocial skills,

managing anger effectively, and learning conflict resolution skills.

Students need essential prosocial skills as indicated by numerous studies.

Teachers and administrators should never take for granted that children

already posse the skills to efficiently get along with one another. Just as we

teach children reading and math so should we prosocial expectations. Some

children as they enter into public schools may have never experienced nor

had the opportunity to develop the necessary skills for successful peer


To be successful in today’s classrooms students must exhibit the

following prosocial skills; empathy, sharing, respect for others, and to be

courteous through good listening skills.

One of the most important skills needed to succeed is the ability to be a

good listener. If children are to understand and cooperate with each other

they will need to develop good listening skills. It is crucial that students

listen to other people’s feelings, needs, or points of view. It is those students

who grasp this concept who show caring and understanding to their peers by

being effective listeners. I feel that listening attentively is one of the most

critical skills students develop. Students need to be taught the basic rules for

listening. Simple things such as keeping and maintaining eye contact is

essential. Nodding of the head to show understanding is important. Sitting or

standing still also reflects your level of listening. Students must recognize

these skills as important building blocks needed to show respect and caring.

As teachers we must set expectations. Students must understand that we

expect them to sit still and remain quiet when listening. Students must

understand that maintaining eye contact and nodding are vital to listening.

Prosocial skills that are taught well will help reduce conflict and is a huge

benefit not only for the teacher of that class but also the students in that class.

When students are efficient listeners they demonstrate caring and respect.

These students can now listen efficiently and communicate back and forth

ideas. This will hopefully reduce conflict in the classroom that would have

resulted from the poor listening skills. This means that the teacher can teach

and maximize learning time effectively without wasting time dealing with

issues they shouldn’t have to address. Students who effectively listening

spend less time in conflict and more time on the real task at hand “learning”.

Students will improve academically and in turn demonstrate this on state

testing. Students will also benefit from improved listening skills by being

able to better understand each other and resolve conflicts with words rather

than fists.

Another beneficial strategy that I learned from this course is how to teach

students to effectively manage their stress and reduce conflicts as a result of

anger management issues. Anger is a normal human reaction brought on by

frustration or aggression. Anger that is recognized and accepted can be

channeled and used in positive ways. However, many students do not have

their fits of anger under control or even realize they have the power to

respond constructively. Students must recognize their anger. They must

identify the causes of their anger and respond appropriately to anger.

Students need to be taught how to recognize look-fors that alert us to

upcoming anger. When angry students may feel tense, hot, sweaty, and red

in the face. There are three steps to teach children when helping them deal

and manage with their anger. Students must stop what they are doing. Teach

students to sit down and count or even take deep breaths. Next, teach...
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