Teaching Strategies

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Developing Teaching Strategies
Many teaching strategies were mention throughout the chapter that would be effective ways to incorporate literature within the classroom as a teacher. The strategies that were mention can be both educational and interesting to the students. Effective teaching methods make reading fun and enjoyable for a lifetime for many students. As a teacher, we need to determine which strategy works best for each student. By incorporating different strategies for the whole class, it will get the students involved in which methods work best for them. Finding literature that would blend with the curriculum and keep the students focused at the same time can be done easily by following strategies that work. Children will decide if they like reading through experiences early in their life. It is very important that teachers develop strategies that will be beneficial to the students that will create an environment for loving literature. A few strategies listed were having the literature read aloud by the teacher as the student’s listen, allowing them to read it silently to themselves, share reading activities with a buddy or adult, through media such as audio books and films, through stories told to them, and creative drama.

Reading aloud to children allows children to develop an array of vocabulary. They are also able to increase their cognitive abilities in thinking critically. Most of times, students can predict outcomes in stories by listening to the teacher read aloud to them. I recommend that teachers ask questions throughout the reading to keep the students involved in the read aloud too. The best benefit in my opinion to reading aloud to children is that it serves as a model of expressive. Children are able to see and hear how tones should change depending on the expression through hearing the teacher. When students read, they can change their tones and voice to fit the description of the text. Reading aloud also serves as a...
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