Teaching Sex Educational Subject at School Should Be Done or Not

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"Teaching sex educational subject at school should be done or not" A review on philosophical and educational perspective

The issue of incorporating sex education in schools of Malaysia is still debatable. Some parents think sex education in school is essential to Malaysian youths to reduce sexual related social problems. While a greater section of people still believe that it is unnecessary to slot in sex education as a separate subject in schools, as rudiments of sex education in schools are already included in a subject called social and reproductive health studies. Though it has been introduced indirectly to Malaysian Secondary School and Primary School few years back, but the effort is not good enough as the crime index statistics of rape case has shown redouble increase in the last few years which involved juveniles of 18 years or below 18 years. Realizing the social problem faced especially by school children, a survey was conducted where the attitude of Malaysian parents and students (their children) were examined regarding incorporation of sexual health education in primary as well as secondary schools. They were provided one questionnaire and the answers have generated important empirical findings regarding the debatable topic “Teaching sex educational subject at school should be done or not” 1. Introduction

The application of sexual education in primary as well as secondary school is still a debatable matter in the standpoint of societies where Muslims are the preponderance. Even though the Qur’an has placed so much importance on gaining knowledge, and during the existence of Prophet Muhammad, Muslim men and women were not at all shy to inquire him questions even if they were related to personal affairs such as sexual life. Today, the scenario is not the same. Many Muslim parents and so as their children consider sex as a taboo subject to be taught at school.  

Brought up in an edifying environment where children’s knowledge on sexuality is considered harmful, loads of Muslim parents at present are in dilemma and quandary on whether or not sex learning should be introduced in school and talked about at home. Though, in this epoch of comprehensive social changes, children do not require school or parents to educate them on sexuality. Every day they are stuffed with extensive information on sexual matters by the mass media and peer crowd. This learning, however, is hazardous because most of the sex issues prompted by these channels and media groups’ lacks morality and it contradict the value system practiced by Muslim society. It works more as a curse upon the society than a source of learning. For this reason, the matter of bringing in sex education in the school curriculum requires assessment in the milieu of Muslim majority countries. However, Malaysian daily newspapers give hints that Malaysia is yet to think of incorporating comprehensive sex education as a separate subject at primary and secondary schools as the curriculum already touches on the topic in subjects such as physical education, moral studies, biology and Islamic studies briefly.

Though, numerous local reviews point out that students do not know how to defend themselves from sexual marauders, how to resist themselves from uncontrolled actions and sexually transmitted diseases as they acquire inadequate knowledge about sexuality in public schools, which usually only educate basic essentials about reproduction in biology and other science courses. Sex is a susceptible topic in Malaysia where unmarried people can get penalized for hugging and kissing in public. However, in spite of the prevalence of conventional, conservative and religious ethics in Malaysia, teenagers involve in passionate relationship outside marriage, and many practice unsafe sexual intercourse. Besides, research has revealed that the AIDS cases and HIV infection rate are increasing rapidly among young...
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