Teaching Roles and Responsibilities

Topics: Learning, Skill, Knowledge Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: February 7, 2011
I am currently in a teaching role in various disciplines and with different groups of Learners. For this assignment I will be describing my role, responsibilities and boundaries with a group of learners who are employed at a factory in Gateshead, these learners are working towards a qualification in Fabrication and Welding,

1. Identify Needs
At first contact with the learners I introduced myself and briefly explained why I was there and then asked them each in turn to introduce themselves and briefly explain heir job role. After initial introductions I started to explain in more detail the requirement for each of them to achieve the above qualification, which is to confirm their knowledge and competentance to carry out engineering tasks which involve some welding. I carried out an induction which consisted of a Register of attendance; T2G Data capture form and Individual Learning Plans.Using approved documentation I carried out a skill scan and initial assessment of knowledge to determine each learner,s level of understanding. Group disscussion and the use of visual aids helped to put the learners at ease and make them feel comfortable discussing their knowledge about welding. 2. Plan and Design

From the skill scan, individual discussions and group discussion I determined the amount of time required for training and assessment for each learner. It was agreed that half day practical training would be required for each learner and that this would be done in blocks of 2 hours, each learner would in addition be expected to practice in their own time and produce examples of performance.With the number of learners involved and the limited training facility we agreed on the course length of 6-8 weeks. With differentiation in mind I agreed the content of the course to meet the needs of all the learners so that they each achieve the level of competance and knowledge to meet the standards of the qualification and their own desires. “Students will learn best...
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