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Topics: Snow White, Roald Dahl, Revolting Rhymes Pages: 6 (1836 words) Published: November 27, 2010
1.Lesson a, pre-reading activities4
1.1.Presentation and brainstorming4
1.2.Watching a short film4
2.Lesson b, while-reading activities6
3.Lesson c, post-reading activities9
3.1.Day of implementation9

I chose to base three lessons as a project on the rhyme Snow-White and the seven dwarfs from Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl, aiming at the 8th grade. The text is authentic, suitable and relevant for children at this age group. It will appeal to a wide range of pupils, and can be a tool for differentiation. I also believe that the pupils can appreciate the humor in the text by experiencing a surprising new context in a well known text. This particular RSCG, however, is chosen also as a tool to build on earlier skills that pupils have of the original fairytale (i+1). This particular RSCG is based on an international fairytale and pupils may well recognize it and use it as a base for new knowledge and competences according to Krashen (1982) referred in Drew & Sørheim (2009). Furthermore, the project is also intended as cross-curricular with the Norwegian literature subject, while dealing with fairytales as a genre first, and implementing the subject eventually in English class. I intend to introduce the rhyme in different forms, for variation and differentiation. In the first part I will perform an introduction and a brainstorming on the fairytale genre. The second approach will be a film of the rhyme from YouTube. In the third part the pupils will be reading and processing the text. Eventually, the class will perform a play for the rest of the 8th grade. The project includes 3 lessons over three weeks, plus homework/group work/workstations. Varying the teaching methods is taken into account at all lessons and in self study. Differentiation is achieved by various teaching approaches, both visual and oral.  

1.Lesson a, pre-reading activities

1.1.Presentation and brainstorming
The teacher and the class discuss fairytales as a genre, using transparent words and “tease” with the play that is going to be planned in lesson 2. Presenting the subject is necessary for getting acquainted with the theme and how the pupils will process it later. The teacher uses the blackboard for visualization of vocabulary and ideas of the subject fairytales, and this rhyme in particular. The activity invites to both oral exercise and TPR for some pupils (app.15-20 min.) Brainstorming used as a pre-reading activity, eliciting vocabulary from earlier knowledge of the piece in Norwegian, and acquiring new vocabulary by listening and watching both the teacher and other pupils as an audio-lingual activity (Drew & Sørheim, 2009).

1.2.Watching a short film
The film Revolting Rhymes “Snow White and the seven dwarfs” (app. 7 min.) Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zulq2oa_z0m The film is the first part of the visualizing of the fairytale. The pupils will be acquainted with the rhyme and that will facilitate reading and processing the text later. Visualizing will also help to cater for the different needs in class, and the funny pictures and sounds will vitalize and help pupils enjoy the text as well. A number of studies support Krashen in that a text that is enjoyable is easier to learn and new vocabulary will be easier to remember, and use later (Drew & Sørheim, 2009)

Read through homework on smartboard. Clarify that the tasks are understood. Answer questions (app. 10-15 min.) Homework on it’s learning (for 1 week):
Use the link to the YouTube version of the rhyme and watch it once again. •Read twice the fairytale in Revolting Rhymes “Snow White and the seven dwarfs” •Record yourself reading 1 page of the rhyme and post it in it’s learning. •Write a review of the fairytale.

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