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Year 3 / Semester V
Part I: The School and its Culture

Semester V Teaching Practice was carried out in the Primary School number fifteen in Elbląg, the same school as in the previous semester.

Part II: Lessons Observed

1. Observation Task 1: Different Teaching Styles

Summary of the lesson
* The underground shopping mall
Language points:
* learning new vocabulary
* information about Canada - population, capital, size, language
Skills practiced:
* listening
* reading
Stages of the lesson:
* checking the homework
* introduction to new topic
* playing main text on the CD
* exercises in connection with main text
* summing up the lesson
* giving the homework

The observation I made was during lesson with Class VI. There are 21 students (girls and boys), 2 were absent that day. They use the course book “New English Zone 3” written by Rob Nolasco and David Newbold. They have lessons three times a week which gives two hours and 15 minutes of English language a week. The teacher I was observing was the only teacher they have and he also taught them last year. With regard to class itself, the teacher underlined that they need extra attention because it is hard to keep discipline there and make them all focus on subject throughout the lesson.

They use a course book and workbook “New English Zone 3” written by Rob Nolasco and David Newbold. They are now on the page 65 out of 90 which is according to the schedule. Although, in the teacher’s opinion the book has everything what necessary, he does use additional materials, e.g. projector which is connected to laptop with internet access (especially to support visualization during ‘cultural zone’ lessons – YouTube movies from the UK/USA). But the course book is the main source of material been used, it is written in a very adaptable way for teenagers with lots of vocabulary and clear grammar points. When I asked students about the book they did say it’s alright but they were not too enthusiastic.

Last lesson was about shopping. This lesson is the continuation of shopping topic to introduce English-speaking countries’ culture – using course book example of Canada.

Three questions to the teacher:
1. How does he keep good discipline in class?
2. Does he have a good relationship with his students?
3. How long does it take her prepare to the lesson?
Three things I liked about the lesson:
1. good discipline – successful tactic implemented before lesson (separate pupils who talk a lot) 2. various interesting exercises (not only from the course book) 3. good timing


I think it was a good lesson; although the class needed additional attention the aims of the lesson were achieved. I was surprised to see such a good discipline, that’s why my first question was concerning discipline. He told me that he is always consequent and constant according to the requirements for the lesson and manage to be in good relation with most students. That’s why his students are mostly prepared for the lesson. The teacher has prepared a lot of interesting exercises so I asked him how long he prepares to the lesson. He told me that he likes it and he tries to use extra sources, e.g. internet. With regard to time, he said that whenever have an idea than he is preparing it straight away, and always keep previously made materials from recent years. It is also worth mentioning that he found time not only for new materials but for revising last lesson, warm-up and summing-up the lesson.

2. Observation Task 2: Teacher Attention in the Classroom

Summary of the lesson
* Girl in the robbery still missing
Language points:
* learning new vocabulary
* describing people
Skills practiced:
* listening
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