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Topics: Birth control, Sex education, Condom Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: September 16, 2012
The teaching plan will be for the proper use of condoms, for high school students ages, 13-19. Teenagers going through this stage of development would like to participate and feel some ownership of their lesson plan. Teenagers also have short attention spans, so things need to move quickly. (Piccolo 2010) The plan would be to set up a 45 minute class. A few days prior to the class I would introduce the topic and hand out a questionnaire/quiz, along with additional lines for comments and other interests the students may have. The questionnaire/quiz will allow the participants to take ownership of the material as well as give me base lines of what the students know/don’t know about condom use. I would use various teaching methods, in order to manage the short attention spans of the age group. I would use discussion, demonstration, videos, handouts, and role-playing. We would discuss the importance of condoms in the prevention of STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. The pre class questionnaire/quiz, will allow me to discuss anything students would be too embarrassed to bring up in front of their peers. We would discuss how to properly store condoms and where to obtain free condoms. Discussion would also include any feelings towards condom use, as well as addressing any stereotypes. I would demonstrate how to properly apply a condom and the importance of proper application (Parenting Beta 2011). Video presentations would include pictures of the signs and symptoms of various STD’s and where you would go to get treated or tested if you think you have a STD. Written material would be provided by Planned Parenthood, which will allow the students to have quick reference material when they need it later (AHS 2011). Role-playing would be used to put students into situations and showing them how to properly handle them; role-playing would also allow the students to participate in their learning. Teaching Plan:

* Introduction: Discuss statistics of STD’s and...
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