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Topics: Teacher, Education, Learning Pages: 9 (2787 words) Published: December 10, 2012

M. Venu Gopala Rao* Babita Jain Associate professor, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering G.V.P. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING



Nowadays communication and teaching are being used synonymously. Communication includes programmed computer-based learning, the internet and distance education. On the other hand, the objective of teaching is to train and condition the mind so that an individual can function effectively in a contemporary context. Communication can be only one of the teaching aids and not teaching itself.

The present paper aims at exploring the inner landscape of a teacher and identifying the wide spectrum of behavioral pattern combination suggested to be implemented consistently over a period of time to produce the synergistic effects necessary for rapport in order to improve the teaching methodology. While doing so the authors strongly felt the necessity to organize the strategic points in a systematic manner to create positive, emotional contexts for enhancing the teaching and learning. They are Value education, Principles of Learning, Student motivation, Objective of Instruction, Instruction planning, Student evaluation, Self-appraisal, Design of achievement tests and importantly character building.

Value education teaches harmony, independence and leadership. A person, who succeeds in the right way, is the one who inspires other to succeed. He appreciates others problems too and tells them how to solve them. It should be remembered that today’s students are future generation, start from only where we end. Learning implies managing and using past experiences and acquiring knowledge from new experiences. Factors which have a bearing on learning are motivation, reinforcement, feedback, participation and practice applicability, individual differences perception and sequencing of materials. Motivation, the key for learning, refers to factors which increase/or decrease the vigor of activity. It is the process of arousing action, sustaining activities in progress, regulating and directing pattern of activity. The methods of instruction detailed in this paper would help the teacher to realize that the teacher has to start where the students are actually are; not where the teachers think they ought to be. Student evaluation is a systematic process of determining the extent to which instruction goals are achieved by students. This evaluation is carried out during the lesson that is when the teaching – learning process is on. A teacher prepares a test to determine how well his students have learnt what has been taught and how well they have acquired the abilities he intended them to achieve. To design a test with high validity, a design technique must be evolved to properly sample the abilities and content matter.

Finally to cope up with the anticipated scenario by the turn of the century, with specific reference to the likely changes in the economy, social environment, production and management processes, the rapid expansion of knowledge and the great advances in science and technology, the reorganization of Technical Education should induct improved technologies and methodologies.

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Excellence lies in understanding one’s limitations and converting them into strengths. This is what Mahatma Gandhi did and it is quite simple. His greatness lay in doing what everybody could but does not. In present day situation of...
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