Teaching Methodologies Used by Prophet Muhummad

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Effective Teaching Methods Used by Our
Prophet Mohammad S.A.W

Our Prophet Mohammad S.A.W used several ways of teaching, which we must follow to become a highly effective teacher. Few of the methods are discussed below:

Method of questioning and dialogue
To gain the attention and test the knowledge of the people and to kindle their curiosity, the Prophet used to pose them with questions and answer it later. Ibn Omer reported that once Prophet asked his companions the name of a tree which never withers its leaves and which could be compared to a faithful believer. Ibn Omer was about to answer that it was date palm but kept quiet, as he felt shy as he was the youngest person in the crowd. The people asked the Prophet to name the tree to which he replied, it was the date palm. (Bukhari, 1971, Vol.3, Hadith 411, p.224)

Method of Speaking
His address after the dramatic victory over Makkah without shedding blood is poised with broad mindedness and a sense of forgiveness. He thanked God for the victory and warned the people saying, “Beware that all matters of pride, whether blood money or wealth, are under these feet of mine except the service of the Holy Sanctuary or provision of water to the pilgrims. O tribe of the Qurayish, verily God has taken away from you, the arrogance of the period of ignorance and the pride of lineage. Man derives his origin from Adam and Adam was created out of clay.”

Method of observation and correction
The Prophet used to pay attention to the actions of people around him so that he could teach them. A man entered the mosque and prayed, while the Prophet was observing him. When he finished he turned and greeted the Prophet and the Prophet told him to go and pray again as he did not pray correctly. When this happened for the second time the man asked the Prophet to teach him the correct way of praying which the Prophet did in detail. (Bukhari, 1971, Hadith No 1.759, p. 421)

Method of practical demonstration

A desert Arab came to Mohammad S.A.W and asked him about ablution. He demonstrated to him washing each part of his body thrice and then said that was the method of ablution. (Tirmidhi, 2000, Hadith No.157) The Prophet also was very strict about doing ablution perfectly. Once a person performed ablution and left unwashed a small part equal to the space of a nail. The Prophet directed him to go back and perform ablution well. (Muslim, 2000, Hadith No. 107)

Diagrammatic Representation

Abdullah bin Masood reported that the Prophet once drew a square and a line in the middle of the square, which extended outside the square. He then drew some lines on both sides of the middle line. He then asked whether they knew what it was. The companions replied that only God and His Messenger knew best. He then explained to them that the square represented the lease of life, the middle line a human being and the sidelines on both its sides were the calamities and diseases, which continuously tear him/her apart. If one calamity missed him another one befell him. The line outside the square was hope. (Bukhari, 1971, Vol.8, Hadith No.426, p.285)

Selecting suitable time for preaching
The Prophet was very particular in selecting suitable time and duration lest people may get bored in what he said. Ibn Masud narrated that the Prophet abstained from pestering them with sermons and knowledge all the time. (Bukhari, 1971, Hadith No 1.68, p.60)

Method of Motivation

It was the Prophet’s way of life to recognize unique or distinct traits and thereby motivate his companions. On many occasions he had appreciated their talents, strengths, conduct and character, which had motivated them in the different walks of their lives. It was a matter of great pleasure for him to confer special titles on his companions and thus make them happy. For example, Khalid ibn al-Walid who was a great warrior was conferred the title “The Sword of Allah”...
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