Teaching Literature in the English Classroom

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Loh Ken Ming (811934)
SGDR 1012 – Reflection of Teaching Literature in the English Classroom Write a paragraph of your concerns, anxiety, experience and expectations of literature and the teaching of literature. What do you think the teaching of literature is about?

Literature in my personal experience was always perceived as a luxury of language interpretation only appreciated by the elites in society. My major concerns surrounding literature and the teaching of it would be its relevance and practical implications particularly to low proficiency English learners. For many of my students that struggle with reading and writing basic English, literature becomes a challenging obstacle that has little relevance or practical use in their daily lives. Another major concern for me is the limited options of literature available to students. I strongly believe that students and teachers should be given the autonomy to decide a relevant piece of literature for the benefit of the whole class. One of the major anxieties or fears I have is that low proficiency students would lose interest and consider English very difficult because of the nature of Literature that requires not only good critical thinking and analyzing skills but also a strong command of the language. My expectations of literature would be to find fun and new interesting approaches to teach and engage students in literature. I hope to learn specific techniques and methods I can use to effectively teach and instill the love and appreciation for literature among my students. I would also love to deepen my understanding and appreciation of literature so that this can be translated in how I teach my students and develop myself. My expectations on the teaching of literature is that it would be conducted as an enrichment subject where proficient students can engage themselves more holistically and more in depth in the English language. Nevertheless, for low proficiency students, I would ideally expect the...
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