Teaching Is a Vocation

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We aspire to learn from a teacher. In fact, it is not difficult to sympathize with or even admire teachers. Think of the number of persons who were able to touch your lives. I am so sure most of them are teachers.

Many of us grew up admiring teachers. Think of Miss Noel, Miss Inakay, Mr. Salvador, and the list goes on and on. We remember their advices. We remember their counsels. We remember their enthusiasm. We remember their care. We remember just the way they are. How can we ever forget the good things that they have done? We want to emulate them because we recognize that they are invaluable in our society. They impart knowledge that allows us to understand ourselves and our environment better.

Teaching is a basic human practice whose excellence depends upon the exercise of certain fundamental intellectual and moral virtues. It is not just an art, a science, or a noble profession. It is a vocation, a calling.

Teaching as a vocation demands a special commitment and dedication. Civilizations are shaped and enriched by teachers. The teachers make an immeasurable contribution to support the national economy, as on them depends the moulding of the nation. They are the real determinant of the quality of education.

Teaching is a vocation that extends far beyond disciplinary guilds and self – contained classrooms. It is not simply a professional activity lest teaching will be reduced as a set of methods and techniques, turning it finally into a technology, or teaching will be mystified, turning it into an occult practice that defies national description.

There are not many born teachers, but there are those who love teaching, and there are those who enter it as an occupation. The chief qualification for a teacher is his or her love for children; from there can follow the training by good teachers and professors of techniques and principles.

However, many enter into teaching just as an...
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