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Topics: Motivation, Motivational theories, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 11 (3237 words) Published: December 22, 2012
 Main Problem:
The communication obstructions created by the lack of motivational stimulus present within a workplace.  Specific Problems:
1. Bizarre nature of the institution’s financial arrangement. 2. Complicated compensation structure of the institution. 3. Peculiarity of the administrative powers vested to officials of the organization. 4. Unacceptable stance of the members of the institution at the superior levels. 5. Personal connection between employees.

1. To identify the causes and effects of having insufficient motivational stimulus/stimuli within a workplace (in connection with McClelland’s drives, Herzberg’s two-factory theory, and Expectancy Model of Motivation). 2. To associate the general effect of having communication gaps between the employees. 3. To determine the administrative powers that should be given to the officials of the organization. 4. To resolve the issues surrounding the employees with regards to the superiors’ working attitudes. 5. To ascertain the consequence of having personal connections between workers of the institution. 6. To identify the barriers to communication in this case and describe their impact on hospital’s effectiveness. Alternative Course of Action

1. With regards to the possible outcomes of the relationship between the department heads and their subordinates, the must to formulate definite actions to resolve any dilemmas that might affect the institution’s general functions. 2. The conception of well-defined administrative sanctions for those in positions. Areas of Consideration:

1. The appropriate authority that should be vested to a personnel for a specific position. 2. The association of the institution’s employees.

Question 1: Identify the barriers to communication in this case, and describe their impact on the hospital’s effectiveness.


There are three types of barriers to communication, Such as – personal barriers, physical barriers and semantic barriers.

Personal Barriers

• Personal communication barriers are based on the beliefs and outlook of a person. If a person has a negative worldview, for instance, then all communication that occurs will be filtered according to that. If a boss communicates to an employee that he must take care to spell check before handing in a memo, the employee with a negative personal view may receive the construction as negative and become angry or fearful for his job. Bias is another type of personal barrier. For example, if a person is biased against all doctors, she will not receive feedback from a doctor positively and may ignore the doctor's advice. Social class, education and gender are additional types of personal barriers.

Physical Barriers

• Physical barriers include noise that is independent of the individuals communicating. This creates distraction. Examples of physical barriers to communication include road construction, loud music, texting while conversing, poorly arranged desks and uncomfortable meeting places. Physical barriers also affect written communication; for example, a written letter that is smudged or faded.

Semantic barriers:

• Semantic barriers occur when there is disagreement about the words being used, often based on individuals being from different cultures, disallowing the parties involved to determine a common meaning of the words used. This most often occurs when the parties involved speak different languages. Additional instances of semantic barriers occur when the use of jargon that is terminology-specific to a certain field or use of colloquial words or statements which can be specific to a region. For example, a doctor explaining a diagnosis to a patient will deliver the message less effectively if he relies solely on medical terminology.

After studying the case, I found that personal barrier of communication is related to this case. Here I...
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