Teaching Grammar at the Basic Schools

Topics: English language, Language education, Education Pages: 36 (8852 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Masaryk University in Brno
Pedagogical Fakulty

Department of English

Teaching Grammar at The Basic Schools
according to
The Framework Educational Programme

Bachelor Thesis

Brno 2006

Supervisor: Author: PhDr. Helena Havlíčková Jarmila Šabatová


1. Introduction

2. The Framework Educational Programme

2.1 The Framework Educational Programme in the Czech Republic 2.2 Language communication
2.3 Key competences
2.4 Expected results in the language communication

3. Grammar and the language curriculum

3.1 Curriculum and communication
3.2 The centrality of language
3.3 The grammar- centred curriculum

4. Identifying grammar

4.1 What is grammar
4.2 Grammar in language teaching

5. Presenting and testing grammar

5.1 Presenting grammatical items
5.2 Discovery techniques
5.2 Practice techniques
5.3 Testing grammar
5.4 My own conclusion of presenting grammar


6. The Framework Educational Programme and the School Educational Programme

6.1 Making the School Educational Programme
6.2 The School Educational Programme for 6th class

7. Grammatical units taken from the School Educational Programme

7.1 The list of grammatical units
7.2 Lesson plans for the main units

8. Teaching process

8.1 Hypotheses about each lesson plan
8.2 Evaluation and experience from the lesson

9. Checking and testing knowledge

9.1 Test for students
9.2 Anticipation of possible problems
9.3 Evaluation of the tests

10. Conclusion

10.1 Advantages and disadvantages of using the School Educational Programme

1. Introduction

I have been teaching English at the basic school for ten years. My students are at the age from ten to fifteen. Basic education in the Czech Republic has been organized by several state educational and curriculum documents during the period that I have been teaching. Two years ago, in 2004, a new educational document for basic schools has been published. It is called the Framework Educational Programme. It offers a new view on our educational system. Main stress is put on results and competences not on subject matter during the process of education. It is obligatory for schools to make their School Educational Programmes. A school year 2007-8 has been established as the first year for realizing these new School Educational Programmes. Now it is the time for making them. This thesis solves this problem in connection with teaching grammar in English. The main aim of the thesis is to show how grammar could be taught. Theoretical part engages in this new document which is described here in details. Then grammar is characterized as a part of language teaching. Main types of presenting and testing grammar are mentioned here. Relationship between teaching grammar and language curriculum as a whole is explained in theoretical part too. Practical part firstly describes the process of making a new School Educational Programme. Then attention is put on the 6th class only. There is a table of subject matter developed from the School Educational Programme. Two lesson plans of main grammatical units are chosen for presenting grammar. There are hypotheses and evaluation for each lesson. In the last part there are tests for learners. Anticipations of possible problems are presented here, then evaluation of each test. Conclusion of this thesis comes out the advantages and disadvantages of the Framework Educational Programme for teachers and students.

2.1 The Framework Educational Programme in the Czech Republic

The national curriculum (also called the Educational Framework or the Framework...
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