Teaching Grammar at Seconday School Level

Topics: Modal verb, Verb phrase, Meaning of life Pages: 4 (1502 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Teaching Grammar at the Secondary Level Justification To structure my lesson, the key element that I had to consider was the A-factor,

Appropriacy. I had to take into consideration the background of the students. The students are from Secondary 3 Normal Academic (NA) and they are not exposed to reading and they don’t like to read. So I have to create a lesson where by I don’t bombard them with a passage of words but instead give them shorter sentences to work on. Also due to little exposure to reading, they are not able to come up with content when writing an essay because they don’t have the knowledge and information they need to written for different scenarios. So the examples that I pick have to be simple and relatable to students. My objective is for students to use the appropriate modal verb in sentences to deliver a particular intention. Students should be able to use the context to infer the intention of the author and fill in the appropriate modal verb that conveys the intended meaning. Even though this lesson is a mixture of some aspects of process and product approaches, the main layout of the lesson is in the PPP format. Modals are an everyday part of our speech and writing. However during my practicum I noticed that students are not able to use it effectively to deliver the intended meaning. In this lesson students will discover the difference between certain modals by evaluating the intended meaning of the author. This is why for this lesson I incorporated the Three Dimensional Grammar Framework, form, meaning and use. I felt that it is important that students not just know what the forms of modal verbs and the functions in general but they need to also realize that the intended meaning of a sentence might change because of the use of certain modal verbs. Students will realize that there are options to be exercised and they must select the most suitable modal verb to suit a given text to convey the intended meaning (Larsen 2001). This lesson is...
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