Teaching for Exceptionalities

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Teaching for Exceptionalities

The experience of the practicum for Special Education 526, help to remind me of what

a classroom full of students with all kinds of disabilities is like. I forgot what the

experience endured and how much I miss the interaction with the students. Working in

an office, does not allow you to be with all the students. I was glad for this opportunity.

The state curriculum standard for this lesson was standard 3.0, Geometry. The

objective was for students to develop an understanding of geometric concepts, graphing,

and relationships as the geometric modeling and reasoning to solve problems involving

one, two, and three-dimensional figures. The lesson also involved 3.2, which stated that

the student would specify locations and describe spatial relationships using coordinate

geometry and other represented systems. Standard 6.32 involved plotting a given set of

points in Quadrant one of a coordinate system. The lesson was designed to introduce

students to graphing ordered pairs of numbers in the coordinate plane. Students practiced

locating points in the textbook and on the Smart Board.

This being a Resource Classroom, I studied each student’s IEP and implemented my

lesson for Alisha to cover all standards that was being introduced for this lesson and

objectives. While preparing for this lesson, Mrs. Bailey gave a pre-test to the students

and created a lesson based on the scores and student’s needs. During this lesson we

studied the number line, positive and negative numbers, and absolute numbers. The

teacher was very organized and knowledgeable about the material that was being

introduced. The class graphed coordinates that were listed on the board as teams.

The results worked well with each group showing that the concept was being acquired.

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The student that I worked with during this practicum, was a sixteen-year-old female that

was in the tenth grade. Her eligibility was health impairments. She has a disease that

destroys the muscle. Alisha is in a wheel chair that is motorized. She is able to get

around in the classroom and the school hallway as well. She is a typical teenage girl who

loves boys and likes to flirt with them. She loves to draw but most of all she enjoys

singing. Alisha likes being as normal as possible but feels different than others at times.

She is like a great big sunshine and full of life. She looks for the good in everything. Her

strength in math class is she loves to discuss and participate. She is welling to work hard

and is eager to please her teachers. Her weakness is the ability to understand concepts in

math and is slow to comprehend. I noticed when working with Alisha, she had great

difficulty raising her arms above her head and turning her head from side to side.

Writing was hard to read, so therefore I believe that OT could be in her near future.

Alisha also had some speech impairments, which made t difficult to understand her. Her

pinscher grasp could also use some improvement from the Occupational Therapist too.

Alisha also had trouble with multiplication tables, which helped with modifying her

program for the use of a calculator at all time and a chart permanently placed on her desk.

Alisha was a joy to work with.

Accommodation and modifications were successful. Alisha sits in the front of the

room on the right side of the classroom. Alisha also has a table to work on to help meet

the needs for a wheelchair. Other...
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