Teaching for Exceptionalities

Topics: Education, Teacher, Disability Pages: 3 (1200 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Teaching for Exceptionalities
First Heading
Education is one of the top concerns of millions in the country for all children of all ages and any complications or barriers they may have. At one point children were not only divided by age and level of knowledge but also by their disabilities. Teachers who taught special education to children with disabilities had to be certified to be allocated to teaching children with all types of disabilities. With each passing year, as the number of children being educated increases, teachers who may have never had the pleasure of teaching children with disabilities are now being tasked with educating them and understand how to incorporate lesson plans that is successful not only for themselves but as well as their regular students and those with disabilities (Ogletree, Billy T. 2000). Physical disabilities are typically the easiest disability that are visible to others and can be noticed immediately (Landers & Courtade & Ryndak 2012). During the practicum hours and interaction with students of the summer program at Kyrene de la Esperanza Kids Klub, the author was able observe how the children with physical disabilities were able to interact with other children and not allow their disability to impact their performance as much as possible. Considering the observation was completed during summer vacation there wasn’t much curricular or academic lessons taught on a daily basis but the summer camp incorporated some teaching ideas as much as they possibly could to allow the students to still learn while having fun. One of the activities that were played was a physical/math exercise called Place Value Math which the children loved. To play the game there were cones labeled with numbers 0-9. The children were then paired up and one would decide to be the “tens” and the other child would be the “ones”. The object was to have the teacher yell out math problems and together the students would come up with the answers and divide up...
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