Teaching English Language in Saudi Arabia

Topics: Teaching English as a foreign language, English language, Lingua franca Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: September 19, 2012
Learning and teaching a foreign language is quite an important factor in the modern society. Teaching the English language in Abha, in Saudi Arabia is highly important. Training English in Saudi Arabia would call for much attention than in any other subject. Introduction of this foreign language to the Arabs would be of importance in the next five years because; knowledge of the language has become a global requirement. English language is used, and will continue to be used in understanding numerous outside resources. In fact, English lingo is the lingua franca if the current world because, it is the main intermediate of information technology, globalization and the world trade. Saudi Arabia is bound to learn English by the fact that, it is among the top petroleum exporters, and has to adhere to the terms and settings of global and technological activities. However, one would encounter numerous factors while teaching English language in Abha town, in Saudi Arabia. To begin with, an English language instructor in Saudi Arabia ought to develop several ways of teaching, which would ensure that, the students get familiar to the language. The teacher has to ensure that the students learn the mastery of the English literature in order to enhance their intellectual abilities. The teacher does this by employing the “Grammar Translation method,” which is aimed at making the students capable of accessing the required knowledge and enhance their mental ability and academic development. Through the grammar translation method, the teacher ensures that the students are aware of the grammar rules and are able to apply them in translating texts from their mother tongue into English. Secondly, an English language educator in Saudi Arabia would experience a relatively high level of stress. This is because, the students are highly depended on their teachers; hence, the teachers do much of the students’ work. This is quite challenging to teachers because, majority of the classes are...
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