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I m currently working at Lambeth College as Learning assistant, in this role my main duty includes to assist the catering lectures in the preparation, organisation and in the delivering of the curriculum of classes by supporting adults and young learner with difficulties and/or disabilities in catering activities. The subject that I teach in a college is called Skills for Work (Healthy Gourmet Cafe`) Entry 1 to 3 Certificate It`s a full time course based in Brixton Centre, where I have been working and studying for the last 4 years. This course is for adult and young learners with moderate learning difficulties and/or disabilities who wish to work in a cafe or catering environment. Our students help to run the cafe at the College`s Brixton Centre which enables them to gain practical work skills In corporation with the catering staff and lectures this course delivers food preparation, customer service, food hygiene and safety, functional skills for employment, external work placements and enterprise I mainly teach practical cooking, but also food hygiene and customer service .At the moment my group of learners is composed of 13 student who are Adult Learners with different learning difficulties/disabilities .They come from different background , ages and different learning skills , as well as different barriers of learning.

The composition of the group and their learning needs and barriers to learning are as follow. Students are given letters to protect indentify.

Student A (Female age 44)
2nd Year student who responds well to responsibility and challenges .This student has profoundly death and visual impairment needs however she is a very good communicator .Usually she has only one CSW ( communicator support worker) in practical session and she also can use her lip reading...
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