Teaching Competencies

Topics: Education, Management, Skill Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Reflection of my personal development on Professional Practice/ Leadership and Management/Personal Effectiveness It is of importance that we should start building up on our personal development in teaching from the start of the NIE in-service training programme and continue on when we join the teaching fraternity to be a full-fledged teacher and as we advanced further up the education career tracks. For me, professional practice is a set of values, attitude, knowledge, skills and behaviours that a teacher need to follow in order to be a professional teacher. A teacher needs to discharge his duty professionally. On the other hand, leadership and management is working with others through collaborative partnership and build healthy working relationship with co-teachers and higher managements. Personal effectiveness for me would be developing one’s strengths while working to improve on one’s weaknesses. It is also on how well a teacher work with others in displaying good interpersonal skills and communication skills. These three identified competencies are equally important in the success of a skillful teacher. Exercising Professional practice is important as it ensures that the teacher is competent in discharging his duty as an educator and following the policies and expectancies of MOE. A teacher needs to be professional both in and out of class. The recent reports of teacher misconduct have made it to the headlines for teachers’ inappropriate behaviours that go against the teaching ethos. Therefore, there is a dire need for the code of professional conduct to be explicitly written out to make the 21st century teachers aware of their expected behaviours both in and out of class. With teachers behaving appropriately, they can then competent to educate and discipline the child well since students look up to teachers as their role models. Leadership and management is also important as teachers need to also adopt social emotional competencies in self-management,...
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