Teaching Challenges

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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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1. What do you think will be one of the toughest ethical challenges for you as a professional and why?

In a few years when I become a professional teacher at school I believe there will be many ethical challenges that I may face both in school and out of school. Many of those challenges will deal with the ethical issues that the community is faced with. For example diversity, uniforms, education, teacher evaluations, and zero tolerance policies. The zero tolerance policy is basically that completely intolerant behavior deserves consequences no matter what. An example of a issue that I may be faced with would be a if I have a group of teenage females in my class and some of them had pills such as Advil in their purse. By the law they would be in trouble for having drugs on school property and I would have to report that. Even though it could be something simple like that they would still have to suffer the consequence of having “illegal” drugs on school property. Another example of an issue would be having two students cheat on a test. One of the students is very well rounded individual and tries very hard in class and usually knows how to apply what she has learned. The other student on the other hand hasn’t showed an interest in the class at all and you know that they have cheated previously. Since you caught both of them cheating on the test would you give the student a second chance at the test just because they have been trying all year? So I believe making sure that I treat all my students fairly would definitely be one of the toughest ethical challenges I would face as a teacher.

Another challenge I will be faced with as a teacher would be continuing my daily life style as I do today. The reason that this would be an issue is because first impressions are everything. Once you become a professional it’s sort of like becoming a celebrity. Someone is always there when you least expect it. Just like the famous can’t go out without being...
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