Teaching Certification in California

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Max Voorhees
Mrs. McFadden
English 4B
February 7, 2012
Teaching Certification in California
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." In this quote, Benjamin Franklin points out a mistake that has historically plagued the field of education. In order for someone to learn, he not only needs to be taught the subject, but he needs to actively take part in it. The quest for students to be engaged has led to educators turning to them as a voice in the reform of the educational system. “Learning from children’s voices allows us to know a deeper level of who children are learners and, because we have that knowledge, to expand and enrich our sense of what it means to teach” (Oldfather). Ideas like these are continually redefining what it means to be a teacher in our society, and for many, they are the foundation for the hope for a better future for a system that is currently overly focused on government standards and funding. This movement, along with the increasing use of and advancement in technology, is ushering in a new age for education. The classrooms of the future will have technologies and teaching methods in them that may not exist yet. Because of that uncertainty, the newest generation of teachers will be going into a field much different than the one many educators entered years ago. For new aspiring teachers, it can be overwhelming to choose the right field or find the right niche to enter into. Before looking into school districts with high teaching demands, or new and revolutionary teaching methods, a basic knowledge of what it takes to become a teacher is required. Understanding the process for obtaining a credential and the experience needed to find a job in this ever-changing field is essential for anyone that intends to pursue a career in teaching. In California, a preliminary teaching credential is needed to begin working in the classroom. This...
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