Teaching Autistic Children

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Teaching Autistic Children
Niki Smith

Every child learns differently rather they have a disability or not! When teaching children with autism teachers and parents have to work harder and more efficiently to provide the best learning tactic there is. Providing the proper assistant and training for parents to best suit their children needs. Teachers should be equipped with the best knowledge on teaching children with autism in a mainstream setting. Early intervention programs helps teachers and parents find out what each autistic student will need to make sure they are successful in life. Although autistic children are better taught in a teach/child setting, and transitioning from a individual learning system to mainstream will be hard but it can be accomplished with the help of parents and teachers.

In order for parents to get the proper training they need to support their children some need to be willing to teach them. Parents are teachers in many forms; and children sometimes learn best from their parents. “Mainstream educational settings are widely considered to offer children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) equal opportunities and the best preparation for real life.”(Hewitt, 2005). Parents should do whatever is in their power to make sure they are equipped with the knowledge that is a need to know. Although parents raise their children does not mean that they know everything. Parents have to be taught also. “Parent training” is one of many programs offered through a company called Pyramid Educational Consultants if you wish to know more about parenting autistic children training. Different types of training programs teach parents “How to help understand some basic concepts about behavior, and through exercises and real life examples, they are taught practical ways to help their kids by using basic concepts.”(www.lucasworks.org). The cost maybe a little high, but it is well worth getting that training for your child.

Teachers also have...
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