Teaching Assistant Level 3

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Question 1.
Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given
to a group of seven year old children learning to play
percussion instruments.


As a Teaching Assistant I am under the direction of the class teacher and as such would have specific duties and tasks which I would be aware of in most cases by the planning, on a day to day basis. I would initially like to talk with the teacher to establish how the percussion session is to be carried out; what in fact is to be achieved; also the part I should play in implementing this.

In primary schools the class mostly stays in the same classroom throughout the day. The teacher has to cover a range of subjects in one room, so there could be a lot of different resources available and I would need to help organise these into the appropriate areas.

Once the lesson commences I could assist the children in supervising them using the instruments. As in all lessons I should always be a good role model helping or demonstrating how the instruments should be held or used and more importantly supporting any children who could be experiencing difficulties. I should monitor the children’s ability to use the instruments, encouraging them to stay on task, follow instructions and to achieve the outcome of the lesson. At all times I should be aware of how the lesson contributes to numeracy, literacy, social and fine motor skills.

During the lesson there may not be enough instruments for everyone so it would be imperative for me to make sure the children who are waiting their turn to play are doing something which is relevant to the lesson to stop any silliness or becoming bored, always supporting the teacher in all aspects. Children should never be left unsupervised in any lesson!

Using instruments can be fun for the children showing how to express themselves through music, which can help them with their coordination and rhythm. All children can benefit from this, including special needs children, although they may need extra help during the lesson, always in a positive way.

Research shows that music can benefit certain parts of the brain, relaxing the mind having a calming influence on children. Music can develop children’s educational, physical and emotional development.

At the end of the session I should assist the teacher in organising the children towards their next lesson or play.

Question 2
What might your role be in organising, using and
maintaining the learning resources, material and
equipment for this percussion lesson?


My role as a Teaching Assistant in respect to the organisation and materials is to ensure that everything is ready for that lesson beforehand. To be able to conduct this efficiently I would need to find out from the teacher what lessons are planned and what is needed within those lessons well in advance, maybe by daily/weekly planning,

Prior to the percussion lesson in particular I would have to ensure that any equipment or resources outlined in the planning (or lesson plan) was available for that day and if necessary book the equipment for the date planned, thus ensuring the equipment or resources were not being used elsewhere. If this was the case I would need to report this to the teacher.

Just before the lesson begins, I would obtain all the necessary equipment, including worksheets, ensuring there is enough for each child if possible. Also I would need to ensure that the equipment and resources in question are clean; are appropriate for the pupils and in compliance with the health and safety requirements.

Once the instruments are collected they should be placed safely within the classroom (or area the lesson is to take place) allowing enough space for their safe use and easy access. As in all cases it is important that I always follow the guidelines of the teacher in respect to the position of each instrument.

At the end of the lesson I...
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