Teaching Assistant Diploma Assignment 1

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1. Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.

My main contribution would be to help create and maintain a quality learning environment which should focus on the following goals: • To maximise learning
• To create a safe and positive environment
• To minimise behaviour problems.
Each of these helps to ensure that the teacher can focus fully on teaching the class. As a teaching assistant I would be expected to be pro-active in supporting and supervising the pupils’ learning under the direction of the class teacherIn preparation for the lesson, I would make myself aware of the lesson plan and learning objectives for the session. I would need to determine from the teacher what is expected of me and whether there are any children in the class requiring one on one support. Before the start of the lesson I would make sure that the classroom area was clean, safe and tidy. I would make sure that instruments and any other resources were available for the correct age and developmental stage of all the children in the class. I would also have to make sure that all equipment is clean and safe to use – a process which will be repeated at the end of the session. Any damage of equipment would have to be reported to the class teacher and noted. During the lesson I would have a responsibility to work together with the teacher to demonstrate consistency and good behaviour and to provide a positive role model at all times, in line with school procedures and practices. Whilst the lesson is in progress I would support the teacher by reinforcing instructions. I could assist in demonstrating instruments and techniques used and making myself available to answer any questions the children may have and offer support, praise and encouragement at every opportunity. I would ensure that resources are being used safely so as not to cause damage to equipment itself or to the children. By helping the children to remain positive and focused, I would be helping to minimise potential boredom or disruptive behaviour. If at any point disruption did occur I would do my best to remain calm, confident and deal with the outbreak quickly and effectively in line with the schools behaviour policy, minimising disruption for the child and for the rest of the class. It may also be necessary to carry out various observations. These could then be used and fed back when reviewing the lesson with the teacher and making arrangements for future lessons.

2. What might your role be in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and equipment for the percussion lesson?

Before the lesson takes place it is important to establish the lesson plan and requirements for learning resources, material and equipment as set out by the teacher. .My role may involve selecting instruments for the lesson that are suitable for the age and developmental stage of each child and to ensure that there are enough for individual pupils or groups according to the lesson plan.

Before they can be laid out I would have to be sure that they were all clean and in safe working order. If there are any pieces broken or missing, these may pose a safety threat to the children and should be reported straight away. I would also need to take into account the hygiene aspect – for example drumsticks etc could easily be put in mouths. If this were to happen during the lesson, they would need to be cleaned straight away to stop the spreading of germs.

If appropriate, I may be expected to source written materials, worksheets etc. I would need to ensure that these were clear, easily readable and suitable for use in order to support their learning needs. If I were required to photocopy any printed materials I would also have to ensure that this is carried out in accordance with current copy write laws.

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