Teaching Assistant

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Unit 1 Supporting the Teacher

Task 1: Describe the key aspects of the role of a teaching assistant

The key aspect of a teaching assistant is to carry out a range of different practical and administrative tasks. As well as, work under the direction of the teaching staff or senior staff in the supervision and support of the pupil’s learning. By doing this the teaching assistant is helping to make more time available for the teacher to teach, however the role of a teaching assistant may vary from school to school.

The teaching assistant is required to support the following:

* Supporting the teacher
* Supporting the pupil
* Supporting the school
* Supporting the curriculum

Supporting the teacher

One of the primary responsibilities is to arranged the classroom according to the lessons and to insure the pupils work activities are displayed throughout the classroom. Observe and record the pupils behaviour, problems, progress and academics achievements as well as report the findings to the teacher. Provide administration assistant as when and needed. Another responsibility of the teaching assistant is to work under direction of the teaching staff and senior staff in the classroom. Supporting the pupils

Assist the pupils with their personal needs and help implant related personal programmes such as; * Social
* Health
* Physical
* Hygiene
* First aid
* Welfare
As well as building and maintain a good relationships with the pupils, by being a good role model and also responding to their individuals needs appropriately. Another responsibility is to observe and ensure the health and safety of the pupils who have access to the learning environment. Promote the welfare and acceptance of all pupils, motivate pupils to interact with others and participate in activites given by the teachers and also support the pupils to act independently when it’s appropriate. Supporting the school

The teaching assistant needs to be...
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