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Question 1: list ten important safety points for establishing a healthy, safe and secure environment.

There are 10 important safety points that are paramount in order to establish a healthy, safe and secure environment. These are in place to ensure that all working environments are following the correct policies and procedures. These include:

* Resources must be suitable for all children for example age appropriate toys. * Pupils must abide by instructions while using equipment and materials during activities. * Pupils must also be reminded not to put resources in their mouths during activities unless during cooking classes where the adult must direct them clearly. * During potentially hazardous activities such sawing, hammering and science experiments where children will be using chemicals they must be reminded at all times to wear safety goggles which follow British Standard BS2092. * Pupils should not touch electrical equipment, especially if they have wet hands * Pupils should report all accidents to the teacher or teaching assistant immediately * Ensure all children are allowed to take part in any activity without discriminating against any religious prohibitions e.g. halal or cultural needs; and making sure every child takes part taking note of their allergies. * Long hair should be tied back during PE, science, cooking and construction activities * When pupils are doing cooking activities it is important to make sure that all cooking utensils and table surfaces are spotless. It is also important to ensure that ingredients used are fresh and in good condition, it is also adequately important the ingredients are stored in the right place for example dried ingredients should be stored in airtight containers. * It is important that all pupils are taught how to use, arrange and store PE apparatus correctly and safely as appropriate

It is important that the above mentioned safety points are considered when establishing a healthy, safe and secure learning environment as this avoids pupils getting hurt or injured, but in the event that a pupil does get hurt the pupil should report it to a teacher or teaching assistant. The points mentioned above also prevents equipment being destroyed or damaged and are taught to handle all equipment given in the correct manner.

Question 2: what are the procedures for checking toilet and wash areas? Answer:
It is fundamental that toilet and wash areas are clean and maintained to a high standard. The cleaning routine for toilets and wash areas should be frequent and thorough so a high standard of hygiene is maintained and minimises the risk of infections. To minimise the spread of infections it is systematically important if any child that has diarrhoea should stay away from the school setting until they no longer have any symptoms. There should be one toilet and hand basin for every ten children over the age of two, and there should be separate toilet facilities for staff and pupils. There should also be easy accessible drinking water for pupils. It is essential that there are no trip hazards within the toilets and wash areas for example a wet slippery floor as this would not be complying with health and safety regulations. There should be fully stocked toilet paper, paper towels and soap and also have access to warm water and hot air driers.

Question 3: what are your responsibilities for checking these areas? Answer:
A teaching assistant has a huge responsibility for checking toilet and wash areas, this involves checking pupil toilet areas making sure they are being used correctly and that they have washed their hands once they have been to the toilet or before eating food. Teaching assistants may also be required to help very young pupils or pupils with physical disabilities with their toiletry needs, and should know the procedures for dealing with pupils who have soiled or wet themselves including the location of spare clothing....
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