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Unit 1 supporting the teacher
Task 1
Q. Define the key aspects of the role of a teaching assistant? A. The key aspect of a teaching assistant is to support the teacher, student, school and curriculum. The teaching assistant works under the supervision of the teacher to ensure that maximum time is spent on teaching the students. Some roles carried out by a teaching assistant include:

* Support classroom management;
* Help prepare learning material;
* Make sure pupils use the internet safely;
* Look for signs of bullish in pupils;
* Treat pupil equally and make sure they get equal learning opportunities; * Be caring and comforting towards pupil;
* Help students with social and emotional development
* Working side by side with colleagues.

Task 2
Q. Give examples of some tasks that can be carried out by a teaching assistant to support the teacher. A. Tasks that can be carried out by a teaching assistant to support the teacher to ensure maximum learning for pupil: * Keeping the classroom clean and neat;

* Make sure the class is organized;
* Help the teacher decorate the bulletin boards;
* Help set up apparatus for science/ PE class;
* Helping prepare presentation;
* Ensure students are working in a safe environment;
* Let people know whenever there’s limited amount of learning material; * Set up projectors, make posters, charts, etc.
* Assist teacher in an emergency situation, such as fire drill; * Help prepare learning material.
Task 3
Q. Define how you might contribute a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments. A. A teaching assistant can help
* Arrange/ distribute instruments before the lesson begins to make sure no time is wasted; * Help pupil who are having trouble understand;
* Make sure no student disrupts the class while the teacher is teaching and make...
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