Teaching Ass Level 3 Ass 4

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What strategies might you employ to encourage pupils to behave appropriately? Describe how you might react to incidents of bullying and violence. As a teaching assistant, creating an environment in which pupils know and follow the rules is challenging. Patience and perseverance can lay a foundation for respect and positive behaviour. I would promote positive behaviour in line with the school policies by; -Praising and encouraging pupils as appropriate

-Implementing the school’s behaviour policy enforcing school guidelines on behaviour management -Encouraging pupils to work together and co-operate with each other -Encouraging pupils to pay attention and concentrate on given tasks -Supporting pupils in following instructions and the routines of the school -Encouraging good standards of pupil behaviour

-Being consistent
Listening to pupil’s opinions and suggestions is also key in encouraging them to behave appropriately. If the children feel they can come to the teaching assistant or teacher with any suggestions or queries, it will avoid inappropriate behaviour. There should be opportunities for the pupil’s to discuss and make recommendations about behaviour, including bullying, and the effectiveness of rewards and sanctions. Rules help to teach and promote positive behaviour. Rules are most effective in promoting positive behaviour if staff and pupils develop them together, there are just a few of them for pupils to remember, they are phrased positively and they are referred to regularly by all staff. As a teaching assistant I would familiarise myself with the rules and the way the teacher interprets and uses them. School and class rules are based on right and values. There are three different behaviour policies; school rules, playground rules and classroom rules. A strategy I would use if there were an incident of bad behaviour or bullying would be to respond as quickly and calmly as possible. Keeping composed, the children involved are more likely to...
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